Ilumine IT Consulting Project Management

Illumine IT Consulting uses a client-centric project management approach.

Illumine IT Consulting uses a client-centric project management approach. We provide a correct and proven methodology to your case study according to your business needs. The software project management we are using is based on the following phases:

  • Business Modelling – Requirements Analysis: we work aside. Your team describes your business process while we derive the use cases, the data flows and functional areas of the requested system. The outcome of this process is to define a well – formed document that describes the fingerprint of the desired system: It perfectly defines how this system will function.

  • Feasibility Study: We explain some implementation scenarios helping you to refine your concept into a realistic scenario and us to find out if the proposed scenario finally fits your business.

  • Planning Phase: Define the steps to be completed on-time and in respect of the resources

  • Design Phase: we perform system analysis based on the previous steps and we compile the High Level Analysis Document that describes the logic (flows and algorithms), the architecture and implementing technology stack of the system.

  • Implementation Phase: We implementing the project by following the Design aspects and the Requirements Analysis. Towards this phase, all software components that compose the system are tested independently, ensuring error-free components.

  • Integration Phase: At this phase the basic sub systems are bound together to build the overall system. During the Integration Phase we perform interface Compliance Tests to ensure the correct collaboration among external and internal subsystems

  • QA Phase: We test the overall system as a “black box”. We perform a to z specification cross checking by creating test scenarios and perform overall functional system check. We then continue with System Performance Test by measuring the system response times for several load cases. According to the test findings, we tune the system by adjusting its configuration. The outcome of this phase is the Factory and Acceptance Test Document.

  • Maintenance Phase: for a given period, aside with you, we observe the system and document known issues. We create the Run Agile Board (JIRA or Redmine) and keep track of incidents and projects change management. We produce the system documentation, training your people and we ensure knowledge transfer to your team.