Illumine IT Consulting Project Portfolio

Illumine IT Consulting Project Portfolio consists of several projects delivered all those years to private and public sector organizations.

Illumine IT Consulting Project Portfolio

Dev-Ops, Cloud and Infrastructure Projects:

High Availability Architecture Template for various IT Project

We proposed a high availability architecture template that includes the following features with corresponding tools:

  • Cluster: Virtual IP shared among several servers in different data centers using KeepAlived cluster tool
  • Galera MySQL Database Cluster: utilize three MySQL/Galera servers distributed among two data centers to host your relational database (MySQL). The MySQL database port 3306 is load balanced using HA-Proxy load balancer from the Virtual IP
  • High Available Cloud Disk Volumes: use GlusterFS to serve your disks to the cloud. Use disk volume replication in order to have your disks synchronized in pairs. Each volume is a GlusterFS file system that is offered from the Virtual IP. Since both volumes belong to different data centers, if one goes down the other can serve your applications.

Migration of SAP´s Corporate Documents Management System from Alfresco Enterprise 3.6 to Alfresco Enterprise 4.1. The project dealt with migration of the entire DMS infrastructure from VM planning to cloud based applications and services. We had to deliver infrastructure as code, security, application and services installation and configuration, backup plan, configuration of peripheral tools for system monitoring, ensure the repository migration from old to the new system, the roll-out of the the new system according to SAP Monsoon Platform Requirements.

Technologies and Tools:

Automation: Chef, VMWare vSphere, RedHat Linux Shell Script, Windows 2008 Server and Powershell, MySQL 5.5, Alfresco 4.1, Solr Indexer, Tomcat6, J2EE

Monitoring Tools: Splunk, Hyperic, MonYog, CA Wily Introscope, Custom

Agile Development: Atlassian JIRA, Atlassian Bamboo, GitHub, IDE: Eclipse Aptana

Document Management Projects:

Alfresco: Alfresco community and Alfresco Enterprise installation and configuration for several SMEs. Repository normalization and migration from other document management systems. Workflow design and implementation withing Alfresco.

OpenKM: Build a case management system on top of OpenKM. The SCRIPTUM project was implemented in J2EE technology using OpenKM as the bse DMS.

Telecommunications Projects: ILLUMINE was involved in a wide range of software projects, many of them related with telecommunications. It was a long but challenging way in the modern software industry until we have experienced cases like:

  • Billing Systems: Project dealt with data gathering and extension in order to supply the existing Billing System with error-free, extended CDRs. The ultra fast performance was a critical factor on project’s success. In other projects we have also worked with dominant telco billing systems like Geneva, BSCS, Metranet, IUM.
  • Billing Revenue: project was about calculating the CDR loss during the rating and billing cycle. The proposed solution was based on billing system’s log files parsing in order to find out the CDR loss per rating or billing phase. Results were gathered in a dedicated database and in the end of a billing cycle the overall results were recalculated.
  • Roaming applications: TAP TD.57 CDR pre and post processing, roaming charges and taxes calculation, roaming cost center and quota extraction, CDR transformation and anonymization. We have our own TD.57 asn.1 parsing and translation libraries (C++/Java) that we maintain every time the TD.57 specification changes
  • Messaging Applications: SMS/MMS: we have implemented applications like SMS-C in J2EE with SMPP 3.4/HTTP/SOAP interfaces for fixed line and mobile operators. Cell Broadcasting: we have implemented a CBC under 3GPP TS 25.419
  • Provisioning and Customer Configuration: the requested was to implement a WEB based application that could test (Line : Metallic /DSL : SELT/DELT) and change the DSLAM’ voice and DSL ports to adjust the user’s profile. We worked with platforms like Axiom Axioss, Intracom ActionStreamer and also open source frameworks like JAIN SLEE .
  • Conversions and Migrations: custom interfacing code for CDR transformations in order to support data flows between systems like flow from Billing to Data Warehousing system. There is almost nothing that we have not already seen so far: ASCII, ans1, XML, Ericsson R8,AXE-10,AXE-810, Nokia DX200, Cirpack, Italtel Softswitch, Asterisk, TAP TD.57,custom binary files..
  • Mediation Devices: Gathering of any type CDRs from several data flows (MSC CDRs, MPLS, IP traffic, IN Services CDRs). CDRs were identified, merged and integrated in a common mediation format in order to enter the Billing Cycle.
  • Custom Reporting Applications: Several custom reports for Call Analysis and Call Statistics. We worked with most common used backends like Oracle Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, but also non – relational datastores/BigData like Hadoop and MongoDB. We also implemented front end sites sometimes custom made using J2EE over JBoss, Tomcat or based on CMS platforms like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or even Document Management systems like Alfresco and OpenKM
  • Network Management: Implemented S/W control agents for reporting the status and provide remote access and control for different types of network elements. Usually those projects involve integration of custom made agents with a mainstream NMS application like Nagios, OpenNMS, HP NNM, HP PI.
  • Fraud Detection and Management: Implemented several types of interfaces for gathering of CDR flows from several sources. Those CDRs were filtered, transformed to a specific format and pushed to the fraud detection management system. Data flows format included TAP ASN1, or exchange specific CDRs. We worked with HP FMS fraud detection platform first with C++ (older version) and later with Java