Illumine IT Consulting History

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Yes! We first appeared back on 2004 with a simple HTML based page completely hand – written on Linux vi editor. This page was rendering correctly on the browsers of this era (from MS Explorer to Netscape even in lynx). Everything was designed and developed internally by Michael Mountrakis, with custom banners and minimal complexity in order to render without issues on all browsers available at that time. Page included only open technologies like Javascript and did not use any Flash components that was the basic trend of the time.

Illumine IT Consulting site in the years 2004-2007
Illumine IT Consulting site in the years 2004-2007

Moving on, in the year 2007 we decided to adopt CSS Style sheets and make our banners a bit more shiny to reflect our name. So we used Linux Gimp to create the basic Sun that replaced the old Illumine Star. For that reason, we used the Gimp Super Nova lighting Effect. In the same time – we created our own style sheets based on Arial and Tahoma fonts. This was the last page version that did not rely on a CMS system. The page was also translated 100% to Greek.

Illumine IT Consulting page - years 2007 to 2010
Illumine IT Consulting page – years 2007 to 2010

Years 2010 – 2013. We decided that a CMS system is the present and the future. We had chosen Joomla – the leading trend and #1 CMS tool at that time. Another decision was to have the page only in English since most of our clients were abroad or companies with English as the communication language. Site included a dedicated login page for accessing the on line training material since we had a lot of online training courses at that time.

Illumine IT Consulting page - years 2012 to 2015
Illumine IT Consulting page – years 2012 to 2015

In 2015 we  moved to WordPress. We were using a couple of plugins such as Nooz, Contact Form, Eggplant, Sitemap to make the site working and we do use a lot of extras. Our company Blog and LinkedIn profiles were also referenced from the site. This time our page reflected our social media presence, even if we do not like and do not support FB, we maintain profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn since 2006 and of course Blogger.  We also  maintain our repositories at

Also the new CMS based page had the following changes

  • We adopted HTTPS for serving content
  • All documents updated for the year 2014-2015
Illumine IT Consulting page - years 2015 to 2018
Illumine IT Consulting page – years 2015 to 2018

From 2019, after 15 years we moved away our business from Greece and Greek providers and we operate globally with the power of The old domain  has been redirected to our new  site. Logo changed to “Software Applications, IT and Cloud Technology”


All those years, according to our philosophy, Illumine IT Consulting is utilizing 100% Free Software tools to produce the site and everything around it. All buttons, banners, icons and tiny images are designed and implemented by us using 100% licence free software and not by a third party company – proving that we are available to cater our own needs even for our web site. Tools used for the development of this web site:

Image and Graphic Design: GIMP 

Text Processing: OpenOffice

Content Management: WordPress

Certificates/Authorization:  openssl and LetsEncrypt

You see, for us  it does matter to commit to our business principles: openness and self-sufficiency.